It’s The Little Things

I tend to think of myself as a practical girl.

I like simplicity.

I don't need extravagance, it makes me uncomfortable.

It's the little things that bring tremendous joy to my life.


Tucker's mixed up words:

4-12-10 015 
Teleskin = Skeleton

Zanderlion = Salamander

Combarn = Combine (the farm equipment)

"Aww Guts!" = Aww Shucks


Watching my brother's sweet tears as he saw his bride walking toward him for the first time.


Realizing the baby is growing stronger everyday. Just last week Grady could barely feel it's tiny little kicks, but last night lying in bed the kicks were 100 times stronger. I wish Grady could have been awake to feel.


1-10-10 002 
Smiling as Grady and Tucker sat together on the front porch late last night watching the neighbor cut his corn with the "combarn". I knew a thousand questions were being asked and it was a priceless moment to be treasured by both.


Tucker's overwhelming excitement at obtaining one solitary card from Daddy while playing Go Fish last night. You'd have thought he won the Super Bowl!


The look on my brother's face when he realized I had dedicated "Ocean Front Property" to him at his wedding reception because it was the very first song he knew by heart as a little boy.


The happiness on my husband's face when he walks through the door each evening because he's happy to be home with us after a hard days work.


9-11-10 013 
The excitement of finding if our little Punkin' Seed is a boy or a girl.


9-11-10 057 
The hilarity of watching Jackson, the cat, watch tv for what seems like an eternity.


2-27-10 017 
The opportunity to enjoy the satisfaction in the mouths of my loved ones when I feed them a meal they love.


Laughing hysterically with my sister about nothing at all.


Taking that first delectable bite of Jackie's peach pie.


4-4-10 029 
Sitting on the deck watching in amusement as Grady, Cade and Tucker are outwitted again by the goat they let loose.

These things are my jewels.

These things are what I will take with me when I go.

These things are what make life worth living.

Sure… I'd love to make more money.

Sure… I wouldn't mind living in a nicer house.

Sure… I wouldn't mind going on a shopping spree at the expensive clothing stores.

But… they don't hold a candle to the treasures I already have!

Peace, love and pricelessness.


2 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things

  1. Oh Lish, this made me cry..such beauty and love of life and family in your words ! God Bless you for taking the time to notice all these beautiful little happenings in your everyday life but especially for KNOWING what is really important ! Luv you..

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