Grady Better Watch Out

I've been having a love affair this summer.

Don't worry, Grady is fully aware of his competition.

I don't think I've ever shared with you my obssession with GOOD BBQ.

In my opinion there is nothing better on earth than pulled pork! I'd almost give my first born for a little morsel of the stuff.

Sorry, Tuck, Mommy loves you…really.

My desire for the stuff borders on insanity.

I am a very spoiled girl. Fortunately, we have a sports GURU in the office who is insanely good at sports trivia. Every week our local radio station has a sports trivia contest with the prize being a gift certificate to this place.

About every month BJ hands me a piece of paper that shines like GOLD! I love the little bugger for knowing his stuff!

The baby thanks him tremendously too!

Although they have awesome stuff on their menu this simple little sandwich is my favorite!

I think I could eat 4 of them! (Don't tell my thighs though, cuz they'd ground me from this heaven.)



I think I need to lay down now.

The end.

Peace, love and a pig affair.


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