Dream Weaver

Last night, rather, early this morning, I had the strangest dream.

The whole thing was based around this AWESOME woman.

You just have to visit her blog site.

I wish I could be crafty like Meg! She rocks!

Needless to say the dream was a unique one, in the fact that is was truly a blend of all the things I've been thinking about in the past few days. I know they say that dreams are the subconscious' way of "sorting and filing" all the information your brain has processed. Well, I certainly saw it in action!

I read Meg's blog everyday so it was no surprise that she was the main character. In the dream she was visiting our little town and I happened upon her in a store. I was completely star struck! I wanted to ask her so many questions and just dive into her story. (I'm telling you, I really admire this chick!) If you check out her page you'll see that she creates beautiful crafts and has gorgeous fabrics lying around her house.

In the dream I asked her where she found all this beautiful stuff because I wanted to make a blanket for the baby.

Her reply…

Are you ready for this…?

She said, "The Sesame Street store."

Yep…, only in a dream…

Of course being a dream, that reply was perfectly normal and acceptable.

It wasn't until I awoke that I laughed out loud.

While in the store we encountered my pastor, who I really did see and visit with yesterday. We saw several other hometown folks as well, all of whom who were as fascinated with Meg as I was.

And to top it off, somewhere in there I dreamt about the baby for the first time. I dreamt that we had the all telling ultrasound and was told that it was indeed a girl. Hence, the reason for needing to know where Meg gets her beautiful fabrics from.

I love my dreams, for the most part. I love remembering all their detail and absurdity mixed together which while it occurs makes complete and total sense.

I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do.

Now I need to close so I can email Meg and really ask her about the fabric. I'll bet she didn't get them at the Sesame Street store.


Peace, love and sweet dreams.


P.S. We really do have the ultrasound coming up soon. Next Monday to be precise. Please pray for us that the previa has corrected itself and that we do get our little girl. (Although a boy would be just as lovely, too!)


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