Oh The Possibilities


Halloween is just around the corner.  I can't believe it's going to be here so soon.

Every year we end up in the dilemna of not knowing what Tucker is going to be. 

Two years ago he was a rodeo clown and Ihave to admit that it was the BEST costume we've ever come up with.  He was just too cute!

We need help!

Tucker isn't giving us any ideas.

Any creative ideas out there for a homemade costume?

I'd take any suggestions!


Peace, love and creative juices.


One thought on “Oh The Possibilities

  1. One year Conner was a scarecrow. Joe made the costume out of burlap then I decorated it using the face pencil paint (?). We used raffia and stuffed it in the leg holes and arm holes because it would be less itchy than straw. It was so cute. Tucker would be a really cute scarecrow!!!

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