For The Love of Small Town Life

I was born in a small Kansas town. I lived there until I was 12.

Then we moved to a middle sized town in Oklahoma.

I "finished" growing up there.

I went to college and then went back to the middle sized town.

I married my first husband and moved to a huge city in Utah. (There's only one huge city in that whole state so, I'm certain you guessed the right one. )

I divorced not long after I got there and decided to stay.

I stayed for four years.

Big cities have so much to offer.

Great food, great entertainment, diverse cultures, multiple school opportunities, usually a university or two or three, larger job markets…the list is endless.

But, there is one thing I found lacking in my big city life…


Don't get me wrong, I had friends there.

I still have friends there.

They are all amazing people.

 What this lacked that I have found again in my tiny little small town life is the brotherhood and sisterhood and sense of belonging.

I love that I can walk in my grocery store and know EVERYONE on a first name basis.

I love that they all know Tucker and get tickled at his antics and love for grocery shopping.

I love driving down the street and waving at virtually everyone because I know each car that passes.

I love that this whole community watches out for each other and their kids.

I love that when, God forbid, a tragedy occurs we all pull together as one and rally around the victims and offer our hands to help.

I love that when we've lost a member of our "tribe" he/she never goes unnoticed.

I love my little town and everyone in it.

We don't always see eye to eye.

We sometimes bicker and fight.

But…isn't that what family does.

I thank the Lord everyday that I was given the gift of my husband who came from our beautiful small town.


Peace, love and little things.


One of my best girlfriends wrote a POST today that completely explains what our summers are like.  I'd love for you to check it out!

Peace Out!


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