I'm really irritated.

No, it's not just because I'm pregnant.

Grady's ranch rodeo team qualified for the World Finals in Amarillo next month.

5-9-10 035 
 5-9-10 019 

This will be our third year to go.  We're totally PUMPED!!!  (Yes, I just said "pumped".  I'm a creature of habit.  It was a cool thing to say back in 1992.)

We made hotel reservations back in July for our stay.  Everything should be hunky dorie, right?


The hotel called yesterday and completely cancelled ALL 40  ROOMS we had booked for us, our families and the bus trip that goes from our little hometown.

Complete absurdity!

"What was their excuse?", you ask.

They overbooked and had to get rid of some reservations!

You wanna hear the funny part?

This hotel is one of the HOST hotels and CORPORATE sponsors for the WRCA finals every year! 

Kind of strange that they kicked out one of the competing teams and all of their guests…

I don't know about you, but that sure doesn't look very good for them.

Needless to say, this hotel will not be getting a good review from me.

The silver lining…?

Yes, there is one.

We were able to rebook with a brand new hotel down the road who will honor the price we were paying at the other "joint" AND will give us a complimentary breakfast each morning.

So, you high falutin', snobby hotel, that we WERE going to stay at… FOOEY ON YOU!

The end.


Peace, love and soap boxes.


2 thoughts on “Aggravated

  1. I SOOOOO wish one of these years I could go. I’m so proud of Grady and his crew! I particularly like these photos, especially the top one.

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