Seeing Eye To Eye

Anyone and everyone who's ever been married knows that marriage is all about compromise and working together to make things run smoothly.

AND…anyone who's ever been married also knows that this doesn't always work out the way it's "supposed to".

I have the PERFECT case in point.

4-12-10 011 
This sweet little girl, is our Harley. 

She's our Baby Girl, Sweetie our Harley Sue.  She's a very important part of our family and we love her dearly.

Harley had a litter of puppies about 6 months ago.  She was an excellent momma.  Very protective.  Very nurturing.  Very good instincts.

Needless to say, the puppies were a HUGE whoops!

The little turkey came into heat and shacked up with the neighbors dog before we knew what the heck was going on.

We dealt with it.

We raised the pups and found them great homes.

End of story, right?


Grady was so impressed with her mothering skills that he has been wanting to breed her again.  Only this time, HE is going to choose who the daddy is.

Guess who's in heat right now.

Yeppp….. our dear Harley Sue.

9-11-10 013 

As you can see I'm in a "state" myself.

I told Grady we should wait until the spring when Miss Ella is a little older, when it's not the dead of winter and when I'm not waddling like a duck.

I begged him to PLEASE just let her cycle through this one.  Let's just wait.

"Honey, could we please just see eye to eye on this one?"

Guess who took our sweet Harley while I was still asleep and dropped her off at our friend's house to "have some fun"?


Guess who's in the dog house now?

Oh, not really, I let him back in the house after he grovelled enough. (Just kidding.)

So, sometime in December we "should" have another litter of puppies.  They should be ready for new homes by late in January.

I'll post later after we've confirmed that we have a "with pup" dog with the details about the puppies and their daddy.

In all reality they're going to be pretty stinkin' cute things and SMART as a whip!


Peace, love and level eyes.





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