Thanks A Lot, Nana!

Grandparents are funny little creatures.

They like to take your kids, spoil the heck out of them, send them home with goodies that THEY don't have deal with and laugh all the way back to their quiet, serene little house.

I think it's a conspiracy.

I think there's a secret Grandparent's Payback class that they all take.

This very thing happened this weekend!

Tucker spent some wonderful quality time with Nana and Papa (my parents).  Upon coming home he carried to me a small Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin.  He promptly told me, "Momma, Nana said you have to make this into punkin' pie for me."

"Oh, reeeeaaally…" I said.

Any of you who know me or have been reading my posts KNOW my aversion to baking.  I'm quite certain my own mother knows my aversion to baking.  I'm quite positive that she's trying to change this quality in me…

That sneaky little grandparent and I chatted about this situation.  I let Nana know that I don't make pie let alone pumpkin pie.  I've never been a fan of the stuff.  I know… it's completely un-American of me.

So, we came to a compromise.

Tucker and I would bake the pumpkin and then she and Tucker would make the pie.

I could handle this.  I can bake a pumpkin.

So, last night, Tucker and took on this endeavor.

10-26-10 011 

10-26-10 005 

We quartered and scraped.

10-26-10 006 
and scraped…

10-26-10 010 
and scraped some more.

10-26-10 007 
Tucker decided this was really labor instensive and Mommy had to finish scraping.

10-26-10 014 

10-26-10 016 
We finally got them all hollowed out and ready for the oven.

10-26-10 018 
Tucker was pretty proud of his job!

10-26-10 019 

Nana, this is coming to your house. 

I think YOU get the fun part.


Peace, love and conspiracy theories.


One thought on “Thanks A Lot, Nana!

  1. Of course there is a conspiracy! It’s existed for all the thousands of years that there have been grandparents who have already paid their dues by raising their grandchildren’s parents! If you are lucky, someday you will make it to this wonderful stage in life.
    Not to mention that Nana still thinks it’s high time that her daughter embraces the joys of baking!! 😉 Can’t wait to make that pie, Tucker!

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