“C’mon Momma and Daddy!”

Halloween was a lot of fun this year.

Tucker was REEAAALLLY into it.

Saturday night was the annual kid's costume parade at our local volunteer fire station.

10-30-10 022 
Daddy paraded him around the cirlce for his age bracket while I snapped pictures.

SOOOO many cute costumes this year.  Tons of imagination.

10-30-10 020 
Tucker had a costume that was quite fitting for him… a skunk!

He is quite the little stinker.

Thanks, Shelly!  It couldn't have been more perfect.

Sunday rolled around and we decided to hit the road early.  At 5:30 we wanted to get start.

Small town trick or treating is different from the big cities.  We only go to about a dozen houses, but most of those are close friends and family so we go in, show off the costume and catch up on each other's lives for at least half an hour.

When Tucker was really little this worked well.  He didn't care if we stayed to visit with our friends.  He didn't have an agenda.  He certainly didn't know any better.


After 5 minutes at each friend's home he promptly chimed in with, "C'mon guys!  I'm ready to GO!" 

There was a lot of arm tugging and antsily prancing around waiting.

10-31-10 001 

He loved every minute of it.

And I loved watching him have so much fun!

Now…what will he be next year?


Peace, love and sugar highs.


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