Par For The Course

The road trip to the BIG rodeo has begun. It’s typically an eight hour drive from our small home town in Kansas.

In the last two years the trip has been relatively uneventful, but that isn’t to say that this group of guys doesn’t have a dark little cloud of “mishap” luck that tends to follow them around.

On more than two ocassions the team has run out of gas in the middle of nowhere on the way to a rodeo. Thank goodness for horses and gas cans to literally, RIDE back to town for petrol. Grady now makes sure the gas can is full prior to their departure.

They’ve had close calls for emergency room visits for finger gashes or possible broken bones.

They’re notorious for not booking a hotel room for a road trip until they pull into town. I’ve had the privilege of staying in some rather “interesting” establishments.


Today this little cloud is hovering again as one of our teammates is experiencing auto difficulties only a couple hours from home.

No need to worry. These little bumps in the road never seem to dampen the spirits of these guys. I must say resliancy and optimism are two of our team’s stronger points.

And as I write this we just got word that the problem has been resolved and the rest of our party is cruising along.

I’m saying a little prayer for an uneventful remainder of the ride.

Peace, love and God’s grace.


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