Victory and The Lonely Only

How was your Thanksgiving holiday?

Mine was busy, but SO much fun!

I promised you that I'd let you know how the Parker House rolls turned out.

Well…I am so pleased to say that they were a HUGE success!!

They were SO successful that I didn't even get the opportunity to take a good picture of them. As soon as they were out of the oven we rushed out the door to get to our dinner destination.

They were SO successful that there were only two lonely rolls left to bring home.

Here's my Lonely Only roll that I ate for breakfast Sunday morning.

11-24-10 004 

It was scrumptious.

I WILL make these again.

My only complaint about bread making is that it's very labor intensive and time consuming.

On another victrious note I actually baked TWO pies for the two dinners we had. (I've never baked a pie before last weekend.)

11-24-10 030 
Oh, this thing is amazing!

Sour cream apple pie!

Oh, you sour cream haters, don't be fooled. This doesn't taste a THING like sour cream. It just makes it creamy and rich and oh, so delectable. I had to make it twice because it's Grady's new favorite.

Now, since I'm on a roll…

Who has an abundance of mashed potatoes left?

Me! Me, me, me!

I made Pioneer Woman's version of mashed spuds just to be different. (They ROCK, by the way!)

When they're cold they get REALLY stiff and set up. (Could be from the entire package of cream cheese in them.) They were the perfect consistency for these…

11-24-10 007 
Potato cakes!!!

Please tell me you've had potato cakes. 

Well, if not you have to try these.

Start by heating a skillet to medium heat. Spray with non-stick spray AND add a pat of butter. Form small patties with your cold spuds and place them in the hot skillet. Now the trick to getting them just right is to let them brown long enough to get a good crust on them. They WILL soften back up as you cook them. This is the reason for needing the crust, otherwise they completely fall apart when you try to flip them or remove them from the pan. After they're good and golden put them on a plate and add some more butter and DIVE IN!

If you're feeling extra naughty fry an egg and some bacon or sausage to go with these lovelies.

***Disclaimer: I know that my father makes these by adding some egg and other stuff to help bind them together better. I've tried this and it doesn't work for me like it does for him. This is why my extra stiff spuds were ideal. You do whatever your little heart desires. If you want to add an egg to your potatoes I won't be offended.


Peace, love and carb comas.


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