Thank You Lord!

8-16-10 093 

I have always said that Tucker is one of the most imaginative and amusing kids I've ever known. I know you think I say these things just because he's my own flesh and blood. I'm sure you're thinking, "Ella isn't going to be any different."


Tucker REALLY is one of the most hilarious kids I've ever met. The beauty of it all is that he's one of those kids that doesn't even try to be funny. The greatness just comes falling out of his mouth at the most random times. The kid has some serious wit.

Case in point…

Two nights ago I made supper in my usual fashion. I usually try to accommodate everyone's taste buds. Cade hates tomatoes so I try not to load up the meals with tomatoes. Tucker's repulsed by peas so I try to keep them out of the mix as well. Now, this is not to say that there won't be the occassional meal with tomatoes or peas. I can't accommodate ALL of the time. In those instances that there are the dreaded vegetables on their plates the boys are expected to eat at least most if not all of the meal without picking out the "ucky" stuff. Cade has gotten much better about just sucking it up and eating it, but Tucker has a few things to learn.

It's a good lesson on character building and acting appropriately when food you "may" not care for is placed in front of you by someone other than your parents.

On this particular night, I made Chicken A La King, which contains peas. Tucker took one look and instantly began professing his unwillingness to eat the peas and the meal altogether.

We always start our meal with a prayer. Tucker has been on "Grace" duty lately, which tickles us pink. We love that he loves to pray.

Here's how "Grace" went on Monday night…

We held hands and bowed our heads and listened to Tucker.

"Dear Hebenly Fodder, we fank you for da food you put before us. Pwease bwess on da bun in da oben. Pwease ask Mommy and Daddy to do da wight fing and not make me eat my peas cuz I don't wike dem. Pwease bwess on Mommy, Daddy, Cade, Harwee, and Jesser. Grace."

Grady and I looked at each other and tried so hard to contain our laughter. Afterall, this was Tucker's sincere prayer request. Sometimes, it's just so hard to keep a straight face.

I hated that we had to teach him that night that Hebenly Fodder doesn't always answer our prayers the way we think He should.

Tucker had to eat his peas.


Peace, love and Divine intervention.


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