We're getting SO close to meeting our sweet baby girl.

We're just past the 37 week mark and are counting down.

I know the day is coming soon because the instinct to "nest" has been overwhelming over the past week. This is a new and foreign feeling for me since Tucker was born 4 weeks early…I never got to stew over the state of my house.

I know that the nesting bug is different for every mommy-to-be. For me it's mainly in the form of cooking. I spent the weekend preparing lasagna, meatballs, cooked down chicken and anything that I thought might be freezer friendly.

You see, Miss Ella has been an uncooperative little girl and has insisted on staying in the breech position. Of course this means that I will have to undergo a c-section, which in turn means I'll be down and out for a little while when we get home.

Grady knows that the brunt of the housework will be on his shoulders for a period of time, so when he told me the other day that I should stock up on frozen pizza, tater tots and hot dogs I knew that I needed to at least be slightly prepared with some healthful meals.

Grady does know how to cook, and cook well at that. He'd just rather be doing "other" things.

We get to schedule our "delivery" on Thursday. We're really excited to find out what day we get to meet our little monkey, that is, if she cooperates and stays in there that long. She's been such an active baby that I'm fairly certain she's ready to meet the world.

Mommy, Daddy and the big brothers are all prepared for her to get here. The diaper bag is packed, the crib is ready to go and the anticipation is high. We'll keep you posted.



Peace, love and baby dreams.


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