The Plan

We have a date!

After much anticipation, waiting, growing, and food consumption we now know when our sweet Ella will be coming.

We had a final ultrsound to determine that the little monkey was indeed still breech.

The next day we met with the OB/GYN to decide when we could deliver.

As much as I would have loved to just go right on down to the OR that wasn’t an option. My hips have been begging Ella to just get her rear in gear and come already. For anyone elase out there who has carried a breech baby you know what I’m talking about. Rather than a little head trying to work it’s way down, the brunt of Ella’s weight and all of her width is sitting smack in the middle of my hips pushing and spreading my hips further and further apart as she continues to grow.

The absolute earliest that the hospital will allow us to deliver is at 39 weeks and 0 days (if she doesn’t decide to come earlier).

That makes our big day Tuesday the 18th!

In nine days we’ll have our baby girl. It hardly seems possible.

We can’t wait to see her!

Peace, love and grand expectations.


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