In a Week

(Isn't this little pumpkin so precious!!!  I have no idea who she belongs to, but her mommy should be proud.)

The countdown is on and there is so much to look forward to in a week's time.

1. We finally get to see what our baby girl looks like.

2. Tucker gets to be a big brother.

3. Cade gets a sister.

4. I'll be able to eat more than three bites of food without getting full. That's not to say that I don't already eat WAY more than three bites and end up miserable.

5. I won't wake up 3 times a night to pee.

6. I'll get to wake up 3 times a night to feed my precious girl.

7. I won't have to constantly hitch up my britches because my belly is so low that my pants won't stay put.

8. I'll be able to tie my shoes again.

9. I won't be the only girl in the house anymore.

10. Ella's daddy will fall in love with a new girl and her mommy will be thrilled.

11. I get to see Grady be a daddy in a whole new way.

12. My hips won't ache anymore.

13. I'll get to sleep on my back again!!!

14. I get to spend at least 6 weeks bonding with a cuddly bundle of cuteness.

15. I won't loathe the Victoria's Secret models quite so much.

16. I'll get to blog about someone new!

17. I'll have an excuse to buy cute pink stuff.

18. The boys will have to start learning about tea parties and doll clothes.

19. My feet "should" fit back into my shoes.

20. My shirts WILL cover the bottom of my belly.

And last but not least… I'll be able to toast a drink with all of my friends to my beautiful baby girl!


Peace, love and big dreams!


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