Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Winter FINALLY decided to strike this past week.

We've had a relatively mild winter here in Kansas with little moisture. We've been spoiled with temperatures hanging between 50 and 40 degrees for a good portion of the season.

That all came to a crashing hault this week.

Sunday night the snow started in. By the end of the day Monday we had close to 5 inches of snow in some places.

I know that might not seem like much to some, but in this neck of the woods that can make life downright miserable.

By Tuesday the temperatures plummeted into the negative digits. The news anchors warned everyone NOT to go outside unless you absolutley had to and if you had to, cover every inch of skin that could be exposed. The wind chill factor was well below -10 degrees for at least 2 to 3 days.

Heating units ran constantly. We burned through a bag of pellets in the stove in less that 10 hours. Just trying to avoid using the central heat that eats through the expensive propane like it's one of Grandma's cookies.

Yes, my friends, a Kansas winter can be brutal, unbearable and ugly.

But, in the midst of it all I am reminded of the beauty this great state gives us. I get to see this every morning on my way to work.

1-13-11 089 

In all it's brutality it's beautiful!


Peace, love and gorgeous shivers.


One thought on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

  1. What a perfect love story. The prettiest baby CGM has ever seen.
    Congratulations to Alisha, Grady, Cade and Tucker and the extended family

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