January 18, 2011

My life changed forever on Tuesday, January 18th.

I left my house that morning at 5:30 am a very pregnant, miserably uncomfortable mother of one. Grady and I drove in the dark the 17 miles to the hospital.

We chatted about nothing significant to remember.

Neither of us slept much the night before. Anticipation had gotten the best of us.

I was eerily calm.

We arrived and headed to the 4th floor. I felt like we were the only ones there although I knew there were other babies and their families there.

I was gowned, prepped, poked and informed of the procedure.

1-18-11 001 

This was something I would NEVER forget.

At seven a.m. the nurses and I walked the 15 feet to the O.R./delivery room. I hopped up on the table and chatted with the nurse who is from our hometown about the local gossip. I kept thinking how odd this was. I'm getting ready to have a six inch incision made into my lower abdomen and I'm talking about who married who and why, like we're sitting at the kitchen table sharing a cup of coffee. It was as if what I was getting ready to experience was no big deal.

I'm telling you, this calm I had over myself was bizarre. I LOVED it. I was "enjoying" this process. I didn't want to forget it. I didn't want to smudge it all with crazy nerves.

The anesthitist gave me my spinal and my whole body got warm and tingly from my toes up. It was the most unnerving feeling ever. I couldn't feel anything in the sense of touch or pain, but I could sense pressure and the feeling of movement of my body and skin.

They brought Grady in and set up the curtain between my head and the rest of my body.

We all chatted some more.

The doctors came in…our family doctor who we go to for everything and who will see Ella and then the two OB's who were performing the c-section.

We were ready to start. Grady held my hand. I couldn't see anything except his face. He was duded up like a doctor.

1-18-11 004 

I teased that it made him look really smart. (Tee hee hee)

The anesthitist told Grady that if he wanted to watch that now was the time to look. For anyone who knows my husband they know that he wasn't going to be able to resist seeing this. He stood up and was awe struck at what they were doing and how fast it was all happening.

Before I knew it, at 7:54 am, I heard the wail of my baby girl.

What lungs she has.

The warmer where they would work on her was placed so that Grady and I could see her and everything they were doing. They brought her over screaming and shivering.

1-18-11 021 

I could see my little angel and the tears started. All the pain and agony my body endured in the final months of pregnancy were washed away.  It was instantly replaced with joy and elation.

Grady got to cut her cord. I laughed as the nurse fumbled with our complicated camera. I was so happy that someone was able to take the pictures.

 They cleaned her up, weighed, measured and wrapped her up.

She was handed to Grady.

1-18-11 029 
Our little girl was in her daddy's arms.


She was beautiful.

There was nothing else to say.

She was absolultely BEAUTIFUL!

She was the perfect blend of us both.

God couldn't have created a more perfect little girl.

Ella Marie Gibb had finally arrived.

1-18-11 295 

Peace, love and little blessings.

One thought on “January 18, 2011

  1. I am so happy for the two of you, and of course her Big Brother’s. I love the blog! Thank you for sharing, even though it made me cry : )

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