Random Winter Thoughts

A nasty winter storm has been working it’s way to the midwest and I hate to say that it has arrived.

School has been cancelled all over the southeastern half of Kansas due to the frigid wind chill factor. It’s currently a whopping 7 degrees out with a wind chill factor of -11 degreess.


We love the old farm house we live in, but it definitely shows signs of age in times like this. The windows and doors are drafty so it makes it hard for the pellet stove to keep the temperature above the thermostat setting. So, with that in mind I have put towels at the bottom of the door and a few in window sills to help. The stove is cranked on high and blankets arw plentiful.


My heart goes out to Grady, his cowboy crew and anyone who has to work outside on days like this. Grady looked like the Marlboro Man this morning as he left bundled so tight he could barely breathe. Bless those who take care of the livestock. It takes a huge heart and lots of dedication to endure this kind of weather for an animal.


The kids and I will stay safe and warm today inside the house. I’ve promised Tucker a fun day of cookie baking, movie watching and game playing. We’ll have to add lots of cuddling.

I may just have to have a constant pot of coffee going today, too.

Blessings and warmth to all of you. I pray that if you’re affected by this weather you stay safe, warm and indoors.

Peace, love and snuggly thoughts.


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