King For A Day

Adjusting to life with a sister has been a little hard on Tucker.  Grady and I are both incredibly impressed with how well he's handled it.  He hasn't been like the typical older child and thrown tantrums or fits.  We're confident in the fact that it's due the 4½ year age span between he and Ella.

Even though he's been a great kid we could tell he's been feeling the strain of not being in the #1 spot.  He gets his feelings hurt a little more easily when he's done something naughty or acted out and gotten in trouble for it.  Mom and Dad are definitely a little shorter these days with the lack of sleep and constant attention his little sister requires.

With that in mind I told Grady that Tucker desperately needed to have a TUCKER DAY.  Grady decided that taking him bowling would be the perfect activity.

Man, was he right!

2-7-11 021 
"Mom, how cool do I look in my bowling shoes?"

2-7-11 045 

2-7-11 050 
This kid is every ounce as competitive as his father.  It borders on the slightly absurd side.

2-7-11 056 
See what I mean…?  He was convinced that using Daddy's towel would help him out.

2-7-11 078 
2-7-11 059 
2-7-11 065 
What a ham!

We had so much fun celebrating Tucker and all the wonderful things about him.  You could have lit the world with his happiness at being front and center for an evening.

Even though this new stage in all our lives is an adjustment and can be trying at times we treasure these little moments when we can cherish each kid for who they are.


Peace, love and cool kids!



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