Exactly one week after our last NASTY winter storm which produced 50 mph winds and bone chilling temperatures our little nook of the world is getting beat down again with yet another snow storm.

This time I’m a little more able bodied to get out and deal with it as we’ve now hit week #3 since Ella’s birth. I think I could say that I’m probably 85% back to normal. With that said, I did the unthinkable this morning and bundled all three kids up and headed for town in the blustery mess. There were simply things that I HAD to do, especially if there was a threat of being snowed in for any amount of time. Pellets for the stove had to be bought and a few staples from the store were necessary.

I know I’m a tough woman. I had no choice in the matter. It’s what happens when you’re the daughter of a rancher who raises you like a son. You just don’t get to be wimpy about life, weather and physical ability. Now, I’m not saying I’m any super woman or hard a**, but I can handle it.


As I was driving home through the snow and blowing wind in the comfort of my toasty SUV I thought about the true tough women…the pioneers who settled our country. I thought about driving across the prairie in a covered wagon bearing down against these elements with nothing between you and the snow except a wagon canopy and a pile of blankets if you were lucky. I thought about having to do this with my sweet Ella and Tucker tucked in beside me relying on my body to keep them warm and the likelihood that one or both of them probably wouldn’t survive it.

I know these women had no knowledge of the luxuries that would come after their time, but I can’t even begin to fathom what they had to endure to simply SURVIVE a storm like this. The women of our era have absolutley no idea what the word TOUGH means. We are so spoiled with the luxury of central heat, running HOT water and vehicles to safely and warmly transport us.

I am so amazed and awe struck at the TRUE GRIT of my/our ancestors who paved the way for me/us. My heart and “grit” don’t hold a candle to those legendary souls.

With that, I will try to complain less and give thanks more for the true simplicity of our lives today. Do we ever have it easy!

Stay warm, my friends!

Peace, love and pioneers.


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