Winter Wonderland

2-9-11 007 
This was the scene as I drove to town on Tuesday morning to run errands before the storm REALLY hit.

This one wasn't nearly as "violent" as the week before in terms of wind and cold, but it certainly dumped more snow.

Yesterday, I dug my car out of the driveway to take Tucker to daycare for both our sakes.  Mommy needed a little quiet time and Tucker needed some playtime with his friends, DESPERATELY.

After we dropped big brother off, Ella and I drove around the county a bit to take in the beauty of the storm.  Here's a bit of what we saw.

2-9-11 086 
Beautiful Tall Grass Prairie.  I love Kansas!

2-9-11 078(a) 
2-9-11 067 

2-10-11 029 

As beautiful as all of this is I will be glad to see it go.  Fingers are crossed that the weather will be warm-er for the next few weeks.


Peace, love and fluffy stuff.


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