Meet the Family

Ella has a huge family that anxiously awaited her arrival. 

Grady and I were adament that her two brothers were to be the first ones to meet her.  Aside from Tucker's initial 
shock of the whole thing and slight "fear" of touching her or hugging Mommy (who was hooked up to all sorts of wires and machines and looking rather drugged) they boys were elated to finally get to hold her.

1-18-11 041 
1-18-11 045 

After the boys were introduced we sent them out to get Grady's parents that had brought the boys over.

1-18-11 053 
1-18-11 059 

1-18-11 069 

My parents came later that evening with my grandparents.
1-18-11 120 
1-18-11 123 

Ella is a lucky girl that she still has two great-grandparents. 

 1-18-11 127
1-18-11 129 

I don't think this little girl will ever lack for attention and love!

What a great day!


Peace, love and grandparents galore!


***I apologize that this post is so late, but uploading all of these pictures proved to be somewhat time consuming.  Enjoy.

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