It's been almost four weeks since our little girl came into this world.  It just doesn't seem possible that a month has flown by already.

We've so dearly enjoyed every minute with her.

She's a voracious eater!  At 3½ weeks she already eats 6 ounces of formula in a sitting.

She's trying to hold her head up.

Her cheeks are filling out and are getting quite plump.

She's proven to be a wonderfully tempered baby.  She only wails when she wakes up, gets her diaper changed or gets lathered in lotion.  She REALLY hates getting the lotion!

Here are a few pictures of home life with Punkie.

1-18-11 260 
1-29-11 027 
1-18-11 307 
2-4-11 027 
2-4-11 001 
2-7-11 003 
We never know how our lives will change with the arrival of a new baby.  The anticipation is mind boggling sometimes.  I wasn't sure what to expect with the arrival of our second baby versus the first.  I know I was somewhat of a nervous wreck with Tucker, constantly worried about every noise and move he made.  I'm chalking all of that up to being a first time mother.

We're all more relaxed with Ella.

Life is calm.

We're enjoying LOVING this.

Life is beautiful.

The end.


Peace, love and new beginnings.



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