Back in the Saddle

After six weeks of healing and bonding with Punkie I ventured back into the office today.

1-18-11 217 

I have to say that it was AWESOME!

I had a skip in my step that had been missing for a while.

I felt like a brand new person.

I LOVE being a mother with all of my heart.  I love my children more than words could ever express.  My life is complete with them.


I am not a woman who is cut out to stay home as a "homemaker". (Is that even a valid term anymore?) 

Please don't misinterpret my words to mean that I hold stay at home mom's at any lesser of a value than working moms.  I completely admire the women who can do this.  Some of my dearest friends are stay at home moms.  THEY ROCK!!!  Being able to stay home with children, rangling siblings, refereeing fights, housework on a daily basis and having a smile at the end of it all is amazing to me.  I simply can't do it. I WISH I had that gene.

No…I HAVE to have my own space outside of the house.  I have to have my work family.  I have to now that I am someone other than mother and wife.  I thrive on the daily interaction I have with the general public.

So, my first day back was GLORIOUS!  

I was welcomed with bear hugs from my bosses. 

It was nice to know that I was missed and needed.

Punkie is doing wonderfully at daycare.

1-29-11 055 

No…I didn't have a hard time leaving her this morning.  I felt at peace with it.  I know she's in the hands of a woman who loves her as much as her grandparents do.  She is loved and probably more spoiled at daycare than she is at home.  The knowledge of this keeps my heart at ease when I drop her off.

The most important part of my returning to work is the balance the renewed schedule will bring to the house.  I am a very schedule oriented person.  I like routine therefore my family does well with routine.  Tucker needs back on a regular schedule and hopefully Punkie will adapt well to the new "norm".

The second most important part of work life… NO MORE BAKING!!!!!  My idle hands tend to reach for food or bakeware.  My hips are NOT happy with that.  Being back in the office means no more snacking and much less recipe experimenting.

Now, I better get to bed.  Punkie will be getting up in a few hours and it's my night to be on duty.  I need my beauty sleep.


Peace, love and paperwork.


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