The Hunt Is On


Our house is the Beverly Wilshire Hotel for mice.

These nasty little creatures LOVE it here.

The house is not only out in the country but it's surrounded by a field.

Inevitably, when the seasons change the mice come in.

This past week we've had a special guest in our mudroom.  He's a most friendly visitor.  He bid Grady good morning yesterday perched on top of a storage tub watching Grady put on his boots and fumble around (all WITH the lights on).

My hunter husband's instincts set in and he tried to reach for the BB gun.

Yes, he was REALLY going to shoot the BB gun in the house.  He said he just wanted to see what would happen.


(I've told you, there's never a dull moment around here.  Unless your on 6 weeks of maternity leave in the dead of winter in the midst of 3 snow storms that render you home bound!  Other than that, total excitement.)

Fortunately, for the mouse's sake AND the safety of any and all items in my mud room, the little critter scurried off before Grady could "blast him".

We will be setting traps in every corner of the room tonight.


Peace, love and beady eyes.


2 thoughts on “The Hunt Is On

  1. EEEEK! Their little scurrying feet freak me out. We had one in our kitchen a few months ago and after putting some poison in our wall, that was the last we saw of him.

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