Spring Has Sprung

Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL!!!

We reached a high of nearly 78 degrees. 

I hurried home to pick up the kids from daycare.  I wanted to get an evening walk in before the sun set and the temps dropped.


I strapped Ella into the Baby Bjorn, grabbed the camera, hollered at Jess and away we went.

03-11-11 060 
Tucker and I laughed at how big our shadows looked.

03-11-11 070 
03-11-11 072 
Did I mention we had to bring a snack.

03-11-11 077 
Jess had so much fun hunting.  We barely got him to come home.

03-11-11 090 
As the sun set we turned around and headed back home.

To say that we had a good time isn't enough.

We had a spectacular time.  I can't wait to make this a regular outing.


Peace, love and warm hearts.


One thought on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. Do I see prairie fire smoke in the background of the last picture? Also, I didn’t think Tuck had red hair. It looks like Coy from the back!

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