Sunday with Daddy

Since everyone had been a little on the frazzled side in our family with the new schedule Grady mentioned that he'd like for us to come up to the ranch to ride with him last Sunday.

 Anyone who knows about the world of cattle knows that they don't take weekends off.  Every third weekend Grady is the on manager.

The kids and I headed out.  We picked up McDonald's and set the car north.

 3-14-11 016
3-14-11 025 

3-14-11 041 

We were in a truck that looked just like that.

3-14-11 054 
3-14-11 036 

Daddy let Tucker help get the truck ready.

Punkie slept on my lap the ENTIRE time just like this.  She was content and my hands were free to take pictures.

3-14-11 044 
Grady had to get out and load the "Recipe" for each set of pens.  It's a very intricate and extremely PRECISE calculation of ingredients.  Being off by just a few hundred pounds could cause serious problems for the cattle.

3-14-11 051 

This stuff…


Wanna know what it is?

Well, I'm not going to tell you because it's something that we find in ALL our kitchens and we ALL eat it on a regular basis, but in the "not spoiled" state.

If I tell you, you'll never eat it again, but the cows…  THEY LOVE IT!!!

Needless to say, Grady had to "stir it up" several times.  Tucker and I laughed at how gross it was.

3-14-11 060 

3-14-11 058 

This is where the finished recipe comes out of the truck and gets dumped into the bunks.  This is also a very precise operation as the feed guy has to make sure that the exact weight of feed gets distributed to each pen.

3-14-11 034 
3-14-11 037 
3-14-11 073 
3-14-11 082 

Tucker LOVES to help daddy in the loader!

3-14-11 084 
3-14-11 066 

This picture doesn't even begin to do justice to showing how many cattle are housed at the feed lot. 

We had a great time.  Getting to spend time with Grady is priceless especially when we can share his day with him.


Peace, love and cow slop.

One thought on “Sunday with Daddy

  1. This brought great memories of when I hauled cattle out of the Western Kansas feedlots. I’m glad you had such a good day!

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