Two Months

3-18-11 015 

She's her daddy's princess.

She's my sweet baby girl.

She's Tucker's Buttercup and Cade's "Sissy".

Today our little angel baby is two months old.

3-18-11 003 

She has grown SO much since we first brought her home. She's officially in 0-3 month clothing.

Her little cheeks have plumped up and her double chin continues to crack us up.

She has inherited, from me, the misfortune of having thick thighs and skinny calves, fondly dubbed "chicken legs".

She's beginning to smile a lot and tries so very hard to talk to us.

Her most amazing feat so far…

Sleeping through the night!

Okay, so it's not on a regular basis, but it's happened at least a handful or two of times!

We are in awe of her beauty and know that God couldn't have given us a more perfect little girl.

We love and cherish you Ella Marie aka Punkie.


Peace, love and sweet cheeks!


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