The Playover


This past Saturday Tucker had HIS very first play date and sleepover.  Tucker’s been invited to many a play date and has even been on a sleepover, but he’s not had the fortune of inviting a friend to his house until several days ago.

Our lives are usually so insanely jam packed with stuff to do that having a friend over hasn’t really worked into the schedule.  I started to feel really selfish about this after the multiple requests for “playovers” as Tucker calls them.

The opportunity to repay a dear friend for a wonderful favor when we came home from the hospital with Ella had come about.  This Mommy to Three is about to embark on her own big adventure and to help out I wanted to give her a little more space and time with one less kiddo.

Piper is Tucker’s very best friend in the whole world!  These two are more like brother and sister than they are best friends.  They fight, they bicker, they laugh, they love.  It’s one of the purest, sweetest relationships.  I absolutely love to see these two in action.

3-19-11 052

  3-19-11 070

Piper has an older brother.  She can play farm and trucks with the best of them!  She reminds me of myself when I was that age.  MY first friends were the neighbor boys down road.

The bickering had to start at some point because it always does.  I don’t think it’s humanly possible for two 4 year olds to play together without the “he said/she said” tattling to start.  I decided it was high time that we change gears and do something fun.

3-19-11 072


3-19-11 075

Everyone has to lick the bowl!

After much persuasion, some tattling and finally some good team work we built a blanket fort in Tucker’s room.

3-19-11 080

3-19-11 078

They were magically transported to a far off land.

3-19-11 083 

We feasted on homemade pizza.

3-19-11 087

and delighted in chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!!!!

3-19-11 091

3-19-11 095

Can you tell which one likes cake and which one likes frosting?

3-19-11 097

The night ended with a good movie, popcorn and lots of laughs.

The two literally passed out in their tent and weren’t heard again until 6:30 am when the giggles ERUPTED from the room.

Peace, love and buds!


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