Spring Cleaning Sale

In an effort to de-clutter my spare room I am getting rid of all of my maternity clothes.

I have tons of pants and jeans, really cute tops and sweaters.  Most of it is fall and winter apparel, but I do have some summer items from my first pregnancy.

It’s all in the 10/12 or medium/large size range. (Yes, I’m a curvy girl.  Currently working on de-curving.)

It’s all in excellent condition.  Most all of the clothes are Old Navy, Motherhood Maternity and Liz Lange (Target) brands.  Only a couple items didn’t originate with me, other than that I bought all of it brand new.

You can get EVERYTHING you need for a fraction of the price of buying it new.  I’ll even ship it to you if you don’t live near me!

So, if you just found out you’re pregnant and will need cooler weather attire or if you know someone who would be interested leave me a comment and we’ll chat.  I can certainly email pictures.

I’ve got to get rid of this stuff!

Peace, love and cleanin’ fever!

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