I don’t have anything specific to tell you about today, but in an effort to try to post on a daily basis I’ll just share some random thoughts I’ve had.

Thank you to everyone for the warm congratulations on my wedding anniversary.  It was a nice day even though Grady had to work.  I sewed on a new project and when he got home we went for a most interesting drive.  That’s an entire post of it’s own.  I truly didn’t mean to make anyone cry with our story.  🙂

When do teens/tweens change from being legitimately mad about something or someone to just being mad at everything all the time?  I DO remember this stage in my own adolescence, but I don’t remember what it was that changed it.  I so wish teens came with a handbook on hormones.


I think my favorite thing about spring are all of the beautifully budding trees.


Am I the only woman who thinks the idea of Chipendale dancers is just hilarious?!

There’s something ridiculously silly about men girating their “parts” like that.

I turn red in the face and can’t stop laughing.  It’s just not sexy.

Do you ever have those really stressful dreams about work?  It’s the whole load piled on you and you can’t escape it.  It’s usually always in a CRAZY setting too, like a sorority house or something totally unrelated to what it SHOULD be.

I had one of those dreams last night.  I was actually relieved when Ella started crying at 4 am.

We’re getting our family pictures done in a month.  I’m really excited, but I hate trying to coordinate everyone’s clothes. 

I have Ella’s dress and will base everyone off of that.

I get scared we’re all going to look like big dorks.

If you haven’t joined you really should! 

It’s awesome!

I bought a gift certificate to The Vintage Pearl and now I can’t decide what I want.  I LOVE their stuff!  Too much to pick from.


I can’t wait for the ranch rodeo season to start up again.

I miss hanging out with these guys!

Well, that about wraps up my lunch hour.

Happy day to everyone!

Peace, love and stuff.


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