One Crazy Date

Grady and I weren’t fortunate to be able to spend the entire day together on our anniversary.

Such is life.

I don’t get my undies in a wad about it.

It’s the life of a cowboy’s wife.

I spent the day sewing with Jackie.  When Grady got home we decided to go for a country drive for some alone time.  This is something we love to do.  Grady used to work for the county road and bridge department so he literally, knows EVERY road in our county.  I, on the other hand, do not.  We have miles and miles of beautiful country to see.  It’s miles and miles of photo opportunities.

We started out heading west.  The afternoon was beautiful.  It was a ridiculous 85 degrees outside with ROARING winds.  To the north we could see some tremendous thunderheads.


We knew that rain was in our forecast.  I told Grady, “Those are some cool looking storm clouds.  Looks like it’s moving in.”

“Oh, that’s not coming our way,” he tells me. 

At the turning point of our trip we saw this.


These few clouds…

I see clouds like this and can’t help but see God in them.

Beauty.  Simplicity.  Breathtaking.

We live in Kansas.  Thunderstorms are a dime a dozen in these parts.  They’re certainly nothing to get too excited about.  Well, I don’t get too excited about them.  No, I LOVE them.

We started to head back toward home.  We had about an hour’s drive and more beautiful sites to see.

Kansas has always been known for wind.

We have windmills generating electricity all over our state.

This one looked like it had seen better days.

Sad Windmill

We were laughing so hard!

But, just to the north this is what we saw.

It's coming

“So, Grady, that storm’s not coming our way, huh?”

“Well, that’s not what the weather man said,” he tells me.

Everyone knows that you can’t REALLY rely on the weather men in this part of the country.  You trust your gut and what you see.

We continued on our drive.

I love the “smallness” of our community because Grady knows who lives in, virtually, almost EVERY house in the county.  He has a story behind so many places.  I love to listen.

We got about 15 minutes from town and things started to look a little more serious.

We still weren’t too worried about it.  We were so close to home.  We had a little more exploring to do.  I was LOVING all these opportunities for interesting storm shots.

Did I mention that I love storm shots almost as much as I love fire photos.  There are no two storms alike therefore no two storm pictures alike.

We treked on.

Twenty minutes down the road and only miles from town the sky changed in a matter of seconds.

It's HERE!

I mentioned that the wind was blowing all day, about 30 miles an hour.  Within 15 minutes the wind picked up and was blowing twice as hard and the temperature was dropping rapidly.

This storm was SERIOUS!

I love my sweet husband.  He always stops when I say “STOP!” for a photo opp.  He even asks if I want him to stop.  He knows what I’m passionate about.

At this point in time, I jumped out of the truck to try to get as good a shot as I could.  I’ve been trying to shoot souly on manual which meant that I had to play with adjusting my shutter speed and such to manipulate the lighting.  Grady kept yelling, “GET BACK IN THE TRUCK!”

I hopped back in the truck and told him we needed the get the H-E-double hockey sticks out of here!  This thing was getting NASTY!

He was on the phone with his dad trying to find out if we were in a thunderstorm or tornado warning area.


We couldn’t believe it!

Could the National Weather Service NOT see what was going on in our neck of the woods?!

I told him I wanted to get home.

He was making fun of me because I have NEVER been the panicking type when it comes to storms.  I’m actually always the ridiculously calm one.  He’s the one who usually gets a little unnerved.

Things were different, I had two babies I wanted to get home to.

We got back on the highway and tried to race home.  The wind was whipping us all over road .  It came out of the west and then suddenly came out of the north.  It was all over the place.

Then I looked out my window, to the south.

Funnel cloud

I yelled, “Oh my god, Tail!  I see a tail!”

Grady said, “Take a picture!!!!!”

See that pointy thing in the center of the picture hanging down from the cloud.  It’s not very big… 

That was the tail.  When I first saw it it was MUCH longer.  It was in the process of being sucked back into the clouds when I was trying to get my camera adjusted.

And then there was…


That’s the crazy thing about thunderstorms and tornadic activity.  It’s completely unpredictable!  The only thing left of my little tornadic tail was this little “bump” under the cloud.

It was enough to make us nervous.

We raced back to get the kids.  The minute we got into the door at my in-laws the hail came pounding. 

We made it in the nick of time.

Grady and I rarely have conventional anniversaries.  We’re either lighting grass fires, chasing storms, driving cross country or heading to a rodeo. 

Needless to say, we love the crazy life. 

 Who needs dinner with candles and wine when you can have all this excitement?! 

I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Peace, love and great adventures.


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