One of These Does Not Taste Like the Other


These do not taste like



Why couldn’t Mother Nature (aka M.N.) make fruit and veggies that are as delectable, tantalizing, scrumptious and rich as a cupcake?

The world would be SO much skinnier if that were the case.

And I’d be a much happier girl.

I’m doing okay on the diet, I mean healthier lifestyle.

Diet is such a cruel sounding word.

I could do better.

It’s just so hard when the big M.N. decides to drop her bags off at my front door and stay for much longer than she’s welcome.

She brings with her crazy cravings that will literally drive your mind over the deep end until you finally give in, devouring every morsel of that devilish cupcake and then beating yourself up over the 3 seconds of heavenly pleasure that little brown gift from the desert gods wrapped in a crinkle wrapper gave you.

(Big Sigh.)

I will prevail.

If I mess up I’ll just do better next time.

Sounds like it’ll be salad for supper.  Thank goodness I LOVE salad.

Peace, love and determination.


One thought on “One of These Does Not Taste Like the Other

  1. Do not beat yourself up for the treats! Just balance it. Sometimes, like tonight, I know that I am gonna hog out on a really big bowl of ice cream with choc sauce. Just means you eat clean all day and let ‘er have it. I do not believe in deprivation! Especially during “Special Needs Week.” Find a balance!

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