The Auction

Last Saturday Grady and his dad took the boys to an auction in a neighboring town.  It was a beautiful day to be outside.

Tucker’s attention span at one of those things is rather short.  There’s just not much for a 4-year-old boy to do.

After multiple trips to the outhouse, which provided an ample supply of hand sanitizer of which Tucker is OBSESSED with, and four trips to the concession stand he happened upon a box of old metal toys.  Trucks, trailers and the likes to be exact.

He asked Grady if he could play with them and of course he had to be told no because they were up for sale.  Grady explained to him they’d have to bid on them and try to get them before he could play with them.

The box came up and Grady won the bid.  He turned to Tucker and told him that he could now play with the toys.

“Well, which one of them, Daddy?”

“All of them, Tuck.”

“Aaaaaalll of them, Daddy?”

“Yes, Tucker, we bought all of them.”

Grady said the sheer joy on Tucker’s face was amusing enough.

He called me and told me about every single toy he got.  This kid was on cloud nine! 

He had won the toy lottery!

Toy Fire Truck

Toy Semis

Road Grader

Happy Boy

This is a happy boy!

Peace, love and fire trucks.


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