Three Months and Her First Rodeo

It was a relatively quiet weekend on the Gibb homefront.  Grady had a two day rodeo this weekend about an hour away.

After a snap decision to re-arrange our bedroom and move some furniture around Grady left Saturday afternoon while the kids and I stayed home to clean up the mess.

After having a heavy heart about missing the team event the day before, I decided to pack up the kids complete with lunch, drinks and snacks and  ride along to the rodeo.

I was so glad I did.  Being around these guys and the other team Momma, Abbey, I just feel good.  I love all of them.  We all make up one mixed up, mistrewn crazy family that knows how to laugh at and with each other and just plain have fun.

My favorite guys

And there’s nothing better than seeing these two guys riding together.

It just so happened to be Punkie’s first rodeo AND her first time to ride a horse.

Ella's first ride

Ironically, Tucker was three months old when he first ventured in the saddle.

Ella loved it all, especially all the loves she got from Little Miss Lola Bean!  These two will make quite the duo in a few years.

Punkie and Lola Bean

Monday marked three months for our sweet little monkey.

It’s amazing how much she changes in a month’s time.

She is now trying to coo and gurgle.  She smiles all the time and wiggles and squirms to get the words out.  She has SO much she wants to say.

Sweet Smiles

When she’s being held she doesn’t want to sit back and relax she wants to sit up and see the world.  She takes it all in.

She makes some of the silliest faces.  This is her “somber” look.  Notice the very pouty lower lip.

Last night she started to turn to her side on the floor so I doubt it’s long before she’s really trying to roll over.

At three months she amazes us.  She adores her brothers and talks the most to her grandmas.  There’s just something about those grannies.

I can’t wait to share her next milestone.

Peace, love and good stuff.


One thought on “Three Months and Her First Rodeo

  1. OH MY STARS…ELLA soooooo can’t deny her daddy!! Precious! Just want to spend all day kissing her adorable, lovable, chunky monkey, cheeks!!!!!

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