The sweetest sound ever came from our little Punkie tonight.

She laughed.


Grady and I were talking to her in the kitchen and as clear as a bell she laughed at me.

It was just like she’d been waiting to get the giggle out for her whole three months.

As soon as the giddiness came out her little eyes scrunched up in such an effort to share it with us.

Over and over we kept encouraging her.

We made silly faces.

We made funny noises.

We laughed with her.

For twenty minutes she showered us with the sweetest sounds.

There is truly nothing more intoxicating than the sound of a baby’s laughter. 

I still remember Tucker’s sweet baby laughs.  Grady and I would just melt at the sound of his little giggles.  We still get tickled by his big belly laugh.

We are so blessed to have such happy children.

May tomorrow night bring even more sweet chuckles.

Peace, love and laughter!


One thought on “LOL!

  1. awwww….its so amazing isn’t it ?!?! Just melts your heart to mush! Nothing in the world like it! Don’t you wish you could just bottle it up and keep it forever? AHHH just love it, love it!!

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