Fit for a King

It’s all the buzz today.

I don’t think anyone is talking about anything else.

Catherine was stunning.

William was debonair.

The hats. 

Holy cow the hats!


Do you think she went out and intentionally found the MOST ridiculous looking hat just to draw attention to herself?

I wonder if anyone can see over the hat of the woman in front of them.

I think they’re fabulous, but I don’t know if I could pull one off.  My big curly hair might look a tad silly exploding out from underneath one of those intricate things on my forehead.

So, what do you think about marrying into a royal family?

Is she crazy?

There are so many things that will change about her life.

*She’ll never spend Christmas with her family again.

I don’t know that I could go into a marriage knowing that for the remainder of my days my family would NEVER be allowed to be with me during one of the most important holidays.

* The rest of her life will be fully exposed to the world.

She will always have to mind her P’s and Q’s. 

No tantrums.

No public disagreements.

No bad hair days.

No sweats for the trip to the grocery store!!!!! 

I think she’s insane for wanting to take on a life like that.  I certainly couldn’t live my life under a constant spotlight, but I suppose that’s why I chose to marry a small town cowboy instead of Matthew McConaughey.

I suppose love makes us do insane things sometimes.

I wish them both all the love and luck in the world.  I pray that they have a strong and loving marriage and that we may never see the sadness in Catherine’s eyes that was so evident in Diana’s.

Peace, love and princess dreams.


One thought on “Fit for a King

  1. Absolutely loved watching all the footage of this today. Living in England as a little girl probably has a lot to do with my excitement as I know what this means to the Royal Family. Such a great day for all of them and I am also praying that William and Kate have a wonderful life together. What a picture of class!

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