Random Tuesday


We’re having family pictures done on Saturday and I can’t decide if I want my hair straight or curly.

Here it is straight and freshly cut today.

What’s your opinion?  Straight or curly?


Look at those cheeks!

We can’t get enough of them.

I shared this on Facebook last night, but I had to share it again.


I’m super excited to have our pictures done.  They’re going to be AWESOME, but I’m not super excited about the fact that I am still trying to lose the last 15 pounds from Punkie.  Hopefully the camera will be nice to me.


First and foremost, I don’t like to use this space to rant about political views or religious beliefs as I believe that we’re all entitled to our own…


that just isn’t what I write about…


I think our nation has a lot to celebrate right now.  We’ve proclaimed a great victory over a huge tragedy.

What upsets me is when people feel the need to cut down our nation, our leaders and/or military because it doesn’t fit what or who they voted for.

This isn’t the time nor the place to rant about it.  It’s just plain tacky and tasteless. 

Who cares who was in office when this happened. 

Who cares which political party happened to be “in charge” when the decision was made.

Who cares if it wasn’t the party YOU voted for that made the final call.

Who cares if it wasn’t the original president that got started in this mess that finished the mess.

No one is ever going to agree on how this country should be run.

This isn’t the point. 

The point right now is that we have OVERCOME as a NATION….TOGETHER.

We are the UNITED States of America.

Can we please UNITE as one people and rejoice in the victory of the fight we’ve been fighting for almost a decade.

(Big deep breath.)

I will now remove myself from my soap box.


We’re grilling out tonight.  The weather is GORGEOUS!

What’s for dinner at your house?


I think we’re ready to start planting our garden.

We’ll have all the usual suspects, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, jalapenos, watermelon.

I want to do something interesting and fun for the kids.

Any ideas?


I hope you have a most enjoyable evening.

Hug your kiddos and laugh often!


Peace, love and Tuesdays.


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