Picture Day

To say that we’re a conventional family would be the most inaccurate statement possible.

That’s why we got some funny looks when we announced who would be taking our family pictures.

Grady’s ex-wife, Stephanie, has been doing photography professionally for a little over a year and she does an amazing job!

Her photos are unlike any other photos I’ve seen from photographers in our area.

They’re not only creative, they’re artistic with a flair that I can’t even put words to.

Not to mention she really knows us, which helps when photographing your subjects.

If you only knew how much I stressed and obsessed over the clothing choices of everyone.  I should have known to relax because color is what Steph works with best!  As random as it all was it totally worked!

Sweet babes.

My sweet Punkie’s eyes just shine!  The only thing I asked God to give me in both of my children was their father’s beautiful blue eyes.

…wish granted.

This one cracks me up!  The “extra” little boy would be Cade’s other half brother and Stephanie’s son, Masen.  He tagged along this morning and wanted to be in every shot.  He just couldn’t quite figure out why he couldn’t sit in.  I love this one because it’s Cade with both of his brothers in their true fashion.

I highly recommend going here, “like” her page and check out what else she can do.  Her imagination is limitless and if you have something you’d like photographed she’ll do it!  I think she even travels within a reasonable distance.  You can contact via her Facebook page or if the social media thing just isn’t for you pick up the phone and call her at 620-629-1014.

She still has summer openings.  I asked. 🙂



Check it out!

You won’t be sorry!  I promise.

Peace, love and photo ops!


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