We’ve had our garden areas tilled for months now. We’ve just been waiting for the right time to plant.

This spring has been NUTS!

Hot then cold, hot and then cold again.

It’s mid-May and it’s only 60 degrees here.

It’s been overcast ALL weekend and SO windy!


Grady and I usually wait until after Mother’s Day to plant to ensure frost won’t bite our precious little veggies.

Friday evening Grady asked, “Are we going to plant a garden this year or not…?”

“Well, yes”, I said.

So, we bit the bullet and braved the cold, windy weather yesterday afternoon and purchased our plants.

We planted 12 tomato plants, 4 banana pepper plants, 4 bell pepper plants and 7 jalapeno pepper plants.

Our east garden is FULL.

We’ve decided to map the garden this year, naming each specific variety and each nursery we purchased them from.

We’ll see if it helps to know for future gardens.

I’m so anxious to see how well our plants produce this year.  I LOVE homemade salsa and canning jalapenos!!!!

Peace, love and salsa!


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