God Listens!

Two years ago we were blessed with adopting our sweet little Jess.

We always knew we wanted to get a daschund.  I was raised with them as our family pets and Grady and Cade fell in love with Spur, my parents weenie dog when we became a family.

As soon as we moved to the country we were on the hunt for the right dog.

I searched and searched the internet for local shelters and adoption/foster homes for dachshunds.  For the longest time I never found a dog that I thought would be a good match for our family and crazy lifestyle.  Not all dachshunds are people friendly and more importantly most aren’t kid friendly.

After months of looking I stumbled upon a picture of this bug-eyed sweet face that looked almost identical to this one.

My heart just smiled. 

I’d found him!

Dappled daschunds aren’t easy to find and I just coudln’t resist his big sweet eyes!

I contacted his owner and fell in love even more.

You see, Ms. Miller wasn’t getting rid of Jess because she didn’t want him anymore.  She wasn’t getting rid of him because he’d been a naughty dog that she just couldn’t change.  She wasn’t getting rid of him because she was a breeder and was trying to make money.

No, it wasn’t any of these reasons.

Ms. Miller had to find a home for her sweet Jess because she’s a single mom in the military and was getting ready to leave for Iraq in 4 months.  Her heart was heavy, but she had to trust that she’d found a good home for him with us.

We made the trip to the military base to pick him up. (That was interesting in and of itself!  Holy cow!  Our car was completely searched.  If only they knew how vanilla our lives were they’d never have asked us to open the back hatch!)

We visited with Ms. Miller and her sweet son for about an hour.  We talked about their plans while she’d be away.  We talked about what Jess liked and didn’t like.  We talked about all sorts of things.

And then, it was time for us to go.  I hated to have to take him away from her.  I know she was trying to be strong, but my heart was crying the tears that she wouldn’t let fall.

We started the long drive home realizing that Jess was quite the worrier.

Over the next few months I randomly emailed Ms. Miller to let her know how Jess was adjusting to country life from him life on the base.  I sent pictures and short little stories.  We corresponded back and forth until October of 2009 when I didn’t hear back from her.  I knew she was overseas by that point in time and figured that she was probably incredibly busy with her assignment and didn’t have time to write back.

In the meantime my computer at work shot craps and I lost all my contacts.

Ms. Miller was gone.  I didn’t have any way of finding her.

That is…

Until yesterday.

You see, just over the weekend we were laughing at Jess and his silly mannerisms.  Someone asked if we’d heard from his prior owner and I sadly, had to say no.  I wondered if she was back from her tour of duty and prayed that she had made it home to her son.  We chatted about it briefly and that was the end of it.

This morning when I had gotten into the office I checked my emails and right there in front of me her named appeared.  It was a response to the last email I had sent her over a year and a half ago!  My heart leapt!  The girls in the office kept asking me what was going on, but all I could do was read her words.  I was so overjoyed to hear from her.

I immediately dug into my archived pictures and found some snapshots of Jess and replied at how joyous it was to hear from her.  I told her that God must have whispered in her ears because we were just wondering about her!

She’s safe! 

She’s home!

She doesn’t know it, but I am so thankful for her and her devotion to fighting for our country.

It was my honor to be able to help her by giving her baby a good home so that she could HELP US!

I pray that we will always be able to stay in contact through the years.  Her gift of Jess has been such a blessing to our family.  Our home wouldn’t be complete without him.

Thank you, Ms. Miller, for everything!  YOU ROCK!!!!

Peace, love and patriotic pups!


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