4 Months

Today marks 4 months for Punkie.

SO MUCH has changed in the last month!

Ever since she was officially 3 months old she was trying to roll over.

She FINALLY got it accomplished on Mother’s Day. Let’s just say it was a great gift from my baby girl.

Now we can seem to keep her on her back. She immediately rolls onto her tummy and after about 5 minutes is tired, bored and quite irritated.

The problem….

She hasn’t figured how to roll back over.

We think she’s going to be quite the mover and shaker. She refuses to sit back and relax. She has to be sitting upright in the middle of all of it.

To fix this little dilemma we got her the Bumbo!

Holy cow! This girl LOVES to sit in her new chair.

She’s also quite the eater. After watching her try to eat her hands right after she finished a full bottle we decided it was time to start added some cereal. With two of that under her belt we tried it with a spoon for the first time Monday night. As expected it was EVERYWHERE and she wasn’t a very happy camper.

We’ll just have to keep giving it a try.

More milestones to come.

Peace, love and solid food dreams.


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