I’m trying to so hard to be good.

Why do I have to LOVE the taste of food so much?

Why can’t I just NOT CARE about the scrumptious factor of what goes in my mouth?

Why can’t I NOT dream about chocolate and guacomole?  (Not together of course.)

I’m trying SO hard to be good.

In reality this turkey burger was pretty tasty.

I was proud of myself and did NOT order any fries or the Diet Dr. Pepper I REALLY wanted.

I’m praying for will power this weekend when the bad food will be lurking around every corner.



For those of you who don’t know much about tornadoes here’s a little perspective on what exactly these things can do.

That’s a 2 x 4 that shot straight through a cement curb!  This is a picture that was circulating through Facebook this morning from the tornado in Joplin.

I’ve tried to explain the sheer force of these storms to my kids, but they think I’m nuts.

I remember a video in elementary school demonstrating the ferocity of a tornado.  It showed a piece of straw that went THROUGH a solid brick like a bullet.

That image has never left my mind.


My little Punkie couldn’t keep her little peepers open the other night.

She crashed in the middle of playing with her Lovey doll while I was trying to finish cleaning the kitchen.

I always get so tickled when babies and little kiddos just pass out wherever they are.  I wish it were kosher for adults to do that.


I’m hoping for the peaceful weekend.

We have a few plans, but I am determined to CHILL OUT and enjoy the time with my family.

I hope all of you can enjoy the time off and play hard enough that you crash wherever you are. 🙂


Peace, love and holiday memories.


One thought on “Perspective

  1. Man, I feel ya. It is HARD. But I figure everything in perspective. A turkey burger is a huge “good” choice- and no fries and DP? YEah- you totally scored! Keep it up! BTW- That baby makes me miss those days!! She is so sweet!

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