No Spring Chicken

This past weekend was the annual PRCA rodeo for our hometown.

Seventy-four years and going strong.

Grady’s on the board which means we’re crazy busy trying to get prepared for at least two weeks prior to the main event.  It’s exhausting, but the once it gets here it’s SO worth it!

We had an exceptionally good time this as the kiddos spent the weekend with Nana and Papa!

Being kid-less meant a lot more freedom for Mom and Dad.  Let’s just say that by the time yesterday rolled around Grady and I were both completely WORTHLESS!  I haven’t been that exhausted in years.  Childbirth was kinder to me than all the fun we had.  LOL!

Here’s a peak at all the fun.

The Kid’s Stick Horse Rodeo is always a huge hit.  Lots of kids and lots of laughs.


The whole point of rodeo weekend is to enjoy time with good friends and good people!

Grady and Larry spent many hours in front of this HUGE grill.  Thanks to those two the volunteers and contestants were fed well.





God bless the Pickup Men!!!

Our clown was a HUGE success this year!  I laughed every night.


He’s an amazing trick rider!

Like I said, it was a wonderful weekend.  I’m glad it’s over, but loved every minute of it. 

If you’re interested in joining us next year for the 75th Anniversary check out their Facebook page, Flint Hills Rodeo Association, and “like” them. 

Or you can go here and check out their site.  We’d LOVE to see you there!



Peace, love and clownin’ around.



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