Baseball, Bikin’ Babes and more…

Wednesday night was Tucker’s first t-ball game of the season. We just love watching these kids.

No scoring.

No winning.

No losing.

It all equals tons of fun and lots of laughs.

Some of the kiddos weren’t so thrilled to be playing.

What I wish I could have gotten a picture of is the poor little boy that got hit by Tucker’s whopper of a hit!  Daddy and Papa Mike were very proud…

Great game!


After the game we headed out to meet my two aunts and their friends.  They took part in the BAK, Bike Across Kansas 2011.  The tour starts at the west end of the state and over 900 bikers travel over 500 miles in 6 days across the state.

This year they came through our little community.  It was quite a site to see all the tents set up in our park and on the high school grounds.

Neither aunt had met Punkie yet, so it was a huge treat to get to see them.

Shelly (on the left) is married to my uncle, Barry and Marci (on the right) is my mother’s second to youngest sister.  Aren’t they BEAUTIFUL!!!

I think they kinda like each other.

Family resemblance…?

We feasted on HEALTHY food as it sounds like each town they stopped in was full of pies and rich, delicious goodies.  They were all craving “clean” food.

These women ROCK!  I think I’m pretty tough, but I know I couldn’t do 500 miles in 6 days.  Heck, I couldn’t do 5 miles in one day.  My hiney doesn’t like those tiny little seats. 

If you want to check out their trip, both Shelly and Marci have blogged their journey.  It’s rather interesting.

You can also check out for more information.


 Yesterday was a rough day in our house.

Ella had her 4 month shots and Tucker had his kindergarten physical/shots.

It was a little traumatic for both my babies to get poked.

Tucker was a very brave little boy and only let out a big “OUCH!” when they stuck him, but I knew it rocked his little world.  And THEN we had to go get his blood drawn.  Holy cow!  That was ten times worse than the shots.

Ella screamed in shock and pain as usual.  I hate seeing her little face look at me like that.

I’m bound and determined to be strong for them so they don’t feed off of my fear and sadness. 

It’s a tough job!

All is better today.  Legs are a little sore, but they both woke up in good moods.



Peace, love and good stuff!

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