Brothers, Tire Swings and “Water Slides”

A few nights ago Grady and I walked out on the deck and found this. 

Cade had tied his little brother to the tree.

Tucker wasn’t exactly happy.

Cade thought it was hilarious.

Tucker finally thought it was funny after Cade convinced him how funny it was.

What is it about brothers?

They can be so ruthless to each other and two second later turn around and crack up about it.

So strange, yet so entertaining.


Yesterday afternoon we had a blast!

About two years ago Uncle Jared gave Tucker a tire swing.

Well, he gave him MOST of a tire swing.

It’s been a running joke for this whole time.  The tire came with two large screws and about 5 feet of rope to hang from the tree…

We’re still not sure where the logic was in that, but that’s okay, it’s the thought that counts.  Right?

So, yesterday Grady decided it was high time the swing went up.  We decided that it needed to lay flat rather than perpendicularly for maximum swinging enjoyment.

After we got it assembled and hung Tucker took off!

We swung for over an hour.



Then it was Punkie’s turn.

She loved it!  Even thought this picture doesn’t exactly look like it.

After Tucker had enough swinging he and Daddy decided that it was time to create a water slide.



The day was amazing.





Can’t wait for another one.



Peace, love and togetherness.


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