Thirty-five And The Downhill Slide

Well, it’s official.

I’m 35.

Not really sure how I feel about it.

Thirty never bothered me, I was pregnant with Tucker and was more bothered by being 7 months pregnant in the heat of the summer.

I think I had a great birthday.

My family was wonderful.

Grady took me out on a date Saturday night for Mexican food.


And of course you can’t leave out the margaritas!!!

Sunday morning I woke up to the best birthday present any momma could ask for.

THEY made my birthday awesome.

We did a little swinging.

 And then I’d had enough.

Yet another part of getting old.

I can’t handle the “crazy” rides like I used to.

Momma was about to lose her cookies!


That morning after we woke up Grady called Tucker and had him retrieve my gifts.

I got this from Tucker.

This was the BEST part of it.

I’m going to keep this card forever.  I know the effort that went into that name.  He was especially proud of the heart he drew.  He kept pointing to it when I was reading it.

THIS was the perfect gift.

Even Grady got me a card this year…

He thinks they’re pointless, I on the other hand love them.  So after about 6 years, he got me a card with a great gift certificate to one of my favorite stores.  Thanks, Honey!!!

Then THIS came in the mail Monday!

Isn’t it gorgeous!!!

I just LOVE it!

It’s from Stella and Dot.

My sister got it for me.  Her sister-in-law is a Stella and Dot consultant.

I hopped onto their website and fell in love with their stuff.  It’s the perfect costume jewelry.

It’s dressy enough to wear with a great cocktail dress and yet casual enough to dress up a t-shirt, jeans and fun sandals!

After many months of carrying around my “granny purse” I decided it was time to get a new one.  I splurged on this cute little number with some of my birthday money.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this purse.  I’m currently hooked on this taupe/putty color and the flowers are the perfect accent.

My FAVORITE thing about this bag…

my camera fits into it nicely without looking bulky and silly.

I ended my birthday with a quiet BBQ supper of beer butt chicken with my in-laws.

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect birthday weekend.  I spent time with the people who mean the most to me. 

So, even though I’m NOT looking forward to the downhill ride to 40 I wouldn’t trade this phase of my life for anything. 

It’s perfectly imperfect which is the only way I’d have it.

Peace, love and birthday wishes.


3 thoughts on “Thirty-five And The Downhill Slide

  1. Alright, daughter of mine – we seriously need to adjust your attitude! It’s only a downhill ride/slide to 40 if you believe what you read or see on TV! Lots, lots, lots of life to look forward to after 35, and I’m likin’ most of it way better than the young years!

    Love you,

  2. I agree with Mom! It keeps getting better. I just look at all the young kids and feel exhausted by their shenanigans!!!!

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