So, I seem to be getting some flack about my birthday post.

It seems that some of you think that I’m DREADING turning the big 4-0 or that I hate the idea of getting older.

This isn’t the case in the slightest.

You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to relive my youth or even my early twenties.  I absolutely love my life as it is right now.  I love the age that I am.  I’ve done a lot of living, experienced lots of ups and downs, much love and great heartache. 

My life is rich because of the experiences that I have and I know that this will only continue to be the case as I grow older.

I cherish the fact that I waited to start my family until my 30’s.  I feel complete.  I feel whole.  I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything.

With all of that said, it certainly doesn’t mean that I’m looking FORWARD to getting older.  I am certainly entitled to a little dread of the wrinkles, grey hair, arthritis (that’s already started), and cellulite. 

Who WANTS all that to come?


What I feel is the downhill slide are all the crummy things that come with age, NOT the wisdom, fulfillment and joy of the ages I’ve passed through.

So, for those of you who thought I was truly dreading turning 40 just because it’s 40 or that I was HATING being 35 please rest assured that is NOT the case.

The end.


Peace, love and wrinkle cream.


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