Burrito Bowl….Anyone?

If you like the Chiptole Restaurant chain you MUST try this recipe.

If you like cilantro, you HAVE to try this recipe!

If you like Mexican food, you’ll WANT to try this recipe!

Hell, if you just like FOOD you NEED to try this recipe.


Mexican Grilled Chicken with Cilantro Lime Rice!!!!!

I can’t sing it’s praises enough!

I found this recipe online thanks to Alana!!! 

Thanks Alana for repinning this!!!! 

It came from this site.

This gal has a ton of awesome recipes.

Someday when I’m not going 300 different directions I’ll browse through her recipes at length.

In the meantime I’ll just keep making this over and over and over again. 

To save some time just go to the above link and give it a try.

I will say that I made a few changes.

Rather than rinsing my beans, I heated them up on the stove in their juices.  I like the moisture that it adds to the dish.

With regard to the marinade I didn’t have any chipotle pepper and only about half the chili powder and it turned out PERFECTLY. 

I hope you enjoy this as much we did.


Peace, love and cilantro!



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