Five Months and Father’s Day

Five months…

Five months ago yesterday Ella Marie made her appearance.

Five months.

It’s amazing how time has flown by.  It’s even more amazing how much this little angel has grown and changed.

We’re trying baby food.  She likes it!

She likes it all over her face, too.  Just this week she’s FINALLY mastered the spoon and control over her tongue.  It’s amazing how much it helps in keeping the food IN her mouth.

Her favorite person is big brother, Tucker.  She LOVES to snuggle with him first thing in the morning.  It melts a momma’s heart.

She loves to watch Bubba play t-ball.

Ella has discovered that her toes conveniently fit into her mouth.  This is her new obsession.  Toes!  Toes!  TOES!

EVERYTHING goes into her mouth.  It’s simply the BEST way to discover things.

Punkie has reached that stage of babyhood where only Mommy and Daddy and a select few others are her safety and comfort.  She loves everyone and loves to laugh and smile, but if her “safety nets” are out of sight she starts to panic.  I know she’ll grow out of this, but at least I know she knows WE’RE Mommy and Daddy.

The list of things that I love about this little girl are endless, but I am IN LOVE with her facial expressions and her mesmerizing eyes.  We’re still not certain what color they’re going to be, deep, dark blue or possibly hazel and sometimes a brownish green.  They change constantly, but they SHINE.  This face is my favorite.  Jaw set, lower lip protruding slightly, eyes bright and wide just waiting to see what the world brings her next.  It makes me smile.


On this beautiful Sunday, Father’s Day we’re celebrating Daddy by letting him sleep in as late as he wants.  It could be a few more hours before he stumbles out of his den. 

Today he’ll get a break from rodeos, cowboying and any usual “hard work” around the house.  He “may” be required to do a few small tasks.

Today he WILL be smothered by his adoring children, kissed, told “I love you, Daddy”, and asked to play.

For all father’s out there, including my own, thank you for being the rock, boo-boo kisser, motivator, story-teller, lid opener, encouraging word giver, disciplinarian, grill master, trash taker outer, diaper changer, cheering section and all around fix it man.

You are our heroes. 

You are our role models.

You are what we are thankful for today.

Happy Father’s Day!



Peace, love and daddy duty!


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